becuriousIs there a particular countertransference issue that keeps coming up for you?  Do you notice that there are parts of your clients’ stories that you tend to shy away from or not enter into very deeply? A reason for that could be that unexamined parts of your story are unconsciously getting in your way. Some of the best training that I’ve received didn’t come from graduate school or workshops—it came from doing my own work.  I know for sure that I am the therapist I am today because I’ve walked and lived my own journey, and that allows me to show up for clients in a way that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Head knowledge alone doesn’t impact lives; connecting soul to soul is also an important part of the therapeutic process (And I would argue is the most important part).  Understanding and working through our own history is a big part of what allows us to connect with clients and their stories in a deep and meaningful way.

Whether it’s a specific countertransference issue or an unexamined part of your story, I will provide a place for you to take a look at things that may be coming up for you in your work with clients.  I offer both ongoing therapy and periodic consultation. Contact me if you’d like to schedule and appointment.


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