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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) are experiential approaches that address goals using the collaborative efforts of a horse professional, a licensed therapist, horses, and the client(s). EAP and EAL differ only in the session objectives; EAP has a more therapeutic focus while EAL has a general personal development focus. Both EAP and EAL are suitable for individuals and groups.  Whether EAP or EAL, each client-driven session includes hands-on, non-riding activities with the horses, along with processing and discussion of feelings, behaviors, and patterns. These activities provide a context for you to learn about yourself and connect to your story in a way that often is not possible in the office. The meanings that you’ll give to particular activities or interactions with the horses can yield insights into patterns of behavior and relationships.

Because horses are prey animals, they are extremely intuitive and sensitive to their environments and to what’s going on with the humans around them. During EAP/EAL sessions horses will often mirror whatever is happening emotionally and/or behaviorally for you.  Horses are honest communicators—they do best when the humans with them are honest about what they’re feeling and express what’s going on internally. This can facilitate clients being able to connect more deeply with what’s happening inside of them.

EAP sessions are held in collaboration with Katie Fallon of Bridle Paths (  EAP sessions are typically 60-minutes and cost $225. The fee for EAL sessions vary depending on the size of the group and length of session. Please contact me if you have questions about EAP/EAL or would like to schedule a session.

EAP Forms
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