iStock_000006157433SmallEveryone has a story—a history, family experiences, life experiences. And your story informs how you operate in all areas of life.  You can see your story in how you function in relationships, how you spend your time, and how you’ve moved forward in your career. Early on you developed ways of coping with life experiences that at one time served you well.  They helped you get through difficult things.  The problem is, those same coping strategies are no longer as helpful as they once were, and sometimes are even harmful.  Furthermore, most of these ways of coping operate on an unconscious level so we know that something is wrong or that we’re struggling, but we aren’t sure what’s going on. Looking at your story and understanding its impact helps you to identify the things that are getting in your way.  Therapy is about identifying the parts of your story and the accompanying ways of coping that have an adverse effect on your life.

I will work with you to take a closer look at your story and get some clarity regarding:

  • How your past is showing up in your present
  • Unhelpful coping strategies that you may be using
  • How you’re operating in relationship to yourself and others
  • Healthy tools to use in place of unhealthy coping strategies

Contact me if you want to make an appointment to talk more about your specific situation.


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